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RACLETTE, FONDUE, WEIN, SCHWEIZER KÄSE U.V.M - everything available in our shop!

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What is better than liquid warm cheese, which smells so awesome, that your mouth waters just by the smell? To perfect the taste experience and to cosset your guests an authentic swiss evening, it certainly requires a set of thought out products and lovingfull created foddstuffs. If a classic raclette-oven or a raclette-grill with pans - you will find it here. It is a personal matter for us, to offer you a full service, that contains the product range, cheese fondue and detailed advice, and the organisation of events. So there is nothing left that stands in the way of many gourmet moments.

About us

We at RACLETTE.DE see ourselves as true pleasure experts. When it comes to "cooking at the table", nobody can fool us. Discover raclettes, Fondue, guten Käse, Bündnerfleisch or Wine. Cooking together at the table stands for conviviality, cosiness and pleasure. We are your contact for this! In addition, we do not see ourselves as an anonymous mail order company! We are close by and there for you. That our customers are satisfied and appreciate this concept is also shown by the award of Europe's biggest computer magazine, the Computer BILD. We were awarded as Trendshop 2021 and could assert ourselves against several thousand stores. This makes us the rising star of the year. We are delighted!

Cool delivery

So that you can enjoy your raclettes fresh on balmy summer evenings, we ship our various raclette Raclette cheese all year round by refrigerated mail. Cold packs and special packaging keep the vacuum-packed cheese cool for up to 48 hours. Please note that we do not ship cheese on Fridays to avoid weekend storage in the parcel center. Our market cheese is also sent to you by refrigerated shipping. This ensures optimal freshness and the maintenance of the cold chain. We ship these cheese specialties on Tuesdays - Thursdays.


It is a matter of the heart for us to offer you a special service. This covers several areas. First of all, an outstanding and well-assorted product range is essential. We are constantly working to provide you with a pleasure platform where you can find not only great articles, but also useful information, delicious Recipes and raffles. Browsing and reading should be fun and inspiring. Furthermore, it is important to us to be close and accessible: No anonymity, because behind the mail order company RACLETTE.DE are we, many committed people. Therefore it is more than natural for us to let your feedback flow into our work. And should something go wrong, please feel free to contact us.

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