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What is better than liquid warm cheese, which smells so awesome, that your mouth waters just by the smell? To perfect the taste experience and to cosset your guests an authentic swiss evening, it certainly requires a set of thought out products and lovingfull created foddstuffs. If a classic raclette-oven or a raclette-grill with pans - you will find it here. It is a personal matter for us, to offer you a full service, that contains the product range, cheese fondue and detailed advice, and the organisation of events. So there is nothing left that stands in the way of many gourmet moments.

About us

We at RACLETTE.de are working the whole year passionatly with the subject "cooking at the table". That contains amongst other things raclettes, Fondue and the matching Wine. To give our avid companie a personal face, we are at many gourmet events for you. We arrange the yearlong Catering-Events and in the warm season we are present on lagre folk festivals. During autumn we make Sommelier-Events and in the winter you'll meet us on many Christmas markets. On all these events we are in personal contact with you. We are looking forward to your suggestions an evolve constantly by those.

Cool delivery

So that you can enjoy your Raclette fresh even on lukewarm summerevenings, we deliver our different Raclette cheese yearlong with cool delivery. Icepacks and specialpackage keep the vacuumed cheese cold for up to 48 hours.

Plese keep in mind, that we do not deliver cheese on Fridays, to prevent the storage in the package center over the weekend.


With great commitment we try to provide a good sorted product range. Therefore we visit cheese dairys in Switzerland and France, hold close contact to our producers, looking for new suppliers and let your feedback flood in our work. Futhermore it is important for us, to offer you a great service. That contains amongst others, the possibility to return your order for free up to 60 days and a fast reliable delivery. But service is not just that for us, service is giving the best possible advise and provide valuable application information and Recipes. We hope that our attention to the detail is noticeable.

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